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Artworks commissioned under the Placing Art and Unravelling Developments series are documented in the following publications:

Unravelling Developments cover Ten Years of Public Arts cover Placing Art Pilot Public Art Programme cover
Unravelling Developments - Public Art Commissioned by Sligo Borough and County Councils 2004 – 2010(PDF) - 2,702 kbs 10 Years of Public Art in Sligo, 1997-2007, exhibition catalogue, 2007 (PDF) - 350 kbs Placing Art, pilot programme catalogue, 2000 (PDF) - 5,623 kbs



Big Bang Video image
View Big Bang - Young Composer Programme in Sligo from Sinead Dolan on Vimeo.



Play Spaces from Sligo Arts Service on Vimeo.

Play spaces was a Per Cent for Art project where six artists worked as a team for 6 weeks with children in the 8-12 age group, in a public art context.

It took the form of a series of workshops which explored the theme of play from the home outwards to the garden, street, community and park.

The project focused on children's use of outdoor public space for imaginative play across the three wards of Sligo.

It culminated in a shared outcome presented to the public called 'Games without Frontiers' which took place on October 29th 2011 in Doorly Park Sligo.

"...for peace comes dropping slow.." from Sligo Arts Service on Vimeo.

A film by Lisa Vandegrift Davala. Commissioned by Sligo County Council, 2010.

Funded by the Department of Environment, Heritage and Local Government Per Cent for Art Scheme and the Peace III Programme.

12 mins

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The Caltragh Hoard....we looked and didn't see! from Sligo Arts Service on Vimeo.


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