Marian Noone


Marian Noone

Marian Noone aka FRIZ is a Sligo born artist who works in both traditional and digital mediums. She is a member of the SPOOM Collective, a group of artists who frequently collaborate on large scale murals. A great deal of her current work is created with spray paint, though in her smaller pieces she prefers to use acrylics or watercolours.

Friz's paintings have been included in group exhibitions in Belfast, Dublin and Sligo. Her painting 'Queen Medb' was commissioned for exhibition in the Ulster Museum as part of 'Tags not Labels' which ran in conjunction with the V&A 'Street Art' exhibition, including artwork by Banksy, D*Face, Jamie Hewlett and others.

In 2010 Friz was a member of the Dublin team competing in the Secret Wars Euro-League, the world’s premier live art battle involving 17 cities from around Europe. She has been invited as a guest artist to paint at such events as the 'Festival of Urban Art Sandyford' in Dublin, ‘Eurocultured’ in Manchester, ‘Smithfield Festival’ in Dublin , 'Whitewash' in Portadown, ‘BASE Festival’ in Belfast and 'N.P.L.D.' Festival in Sligo.

She studied Classical Animation in BCFE Dublin (2001-2003) and her work has been hugely influenced by this, helping her to capture motion and ‘character’ in still image. 

Her work largely features the female form and leans towards and illustrative style.

Friz has worked with clothing label company 'Project A Apparel' to design artwork for t-shirts. She has designed CD artwork and t-shirts for music bands 'Beoga', 'A Plastic Rose' and 'A Northern Light'. Friz is regularly commissioned to create murals, including by the Sligo Borough Council and the Sligo Tidy Towns Committee.

You can find her work and contact details on her website:

 Marian Noone - Castle Street

 Marian Noone painting

 Marian Noone - Tags not Labels





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