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Lug Media

LUG MEDIA was formed at the end of 2004 and is dedicated to building towards a thriving feature film business with a strong emphasis on socio-realism and edgy comedy projects.

The company’s Principle Director, Anthony Cullen (originally a native of Sligo) has a Masters Degree in Film Studies from University College Dublin and is currently using his talents as a writer to develop a ‘slate’ of feature length projects. He also has a wide experience of film through working on numerous film projects; Anthony has directed three short films and produced two working with and directing some of the most professional crews in Dublin.

LUG MEDIA has already established itself internationally through attendance at the marketplaces where films are bought and sold and partnerships forged. Alongside of this the company will continue to build on its relationships with local and international broadcasters to gain necessary pre-sales. It is part of LUG MEDIA’S marketing strategy to develop a ‘slate’ of projects that will capture the imagination of both distributors and financiers while keeping focused on the interests of the end user audiences.

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